Amazon launches Amazon Connect smart contact lenses, which have practical capabilities

Amazon Connect smart contact lenses have been officially launched recently. This is a product that uses machine learning to enable Amazon Connect functionality. It has the ability to understand the emotions, trends and compliance of customer conversations to improve customer experience and determine key customer feedback .
Amazon Connect is a fully managed cloud contact center service based on the same technology as the award-winning Amazon customer service.

It is understood that companies such as Intuit, GE Appliances and Dow Jones all use Amazon Connect to run their contact centers at a lower cost, while easily expanding to thousands of seats.

With the help of AWS Contact Lens, customer service executives can discover emerging topics and trends from customer conversations, and quickly proceed, perform full-text searches on call and chat records to solve customer problems, and improve customers through call and chat-specific analysis The performance of the service agent, all of which can be performed from the Amazon Connect console.
By mid-2020, contact lenses will also enable supervisors to be alerted to problems during calls in progress, allowing them to intervene early when the customer experience is poor.

In addition, this contact lens also has an AI function that can automatically detect and edit sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), such as name, address, and social security number, from call logs and transcripts to help customers protect their private data more easily .
Amazon said that in the next few months, in addition to the alert function, Contact Lens will also introduce a dashboard to show the emotional changes of real-time calls. As the interaction evolves, the dashboard will be continuously updated and allow supervisors to view real-time calls to discover opportunities to help customers.

Amazon also pointed out that contact lenses provide metadata such as transcription, sentiment, and classification tags in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in a well-defined architecture. If you want, companies can export this information and use tools like Amazon QuickSight or Tableau for further analysis and merge it with data from other sources.

Its powerful voice and chat interaction capabilities will enable contact center employees to seamlessly use the power of machine learning to provide employees with a better experience.

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