Baby toys safe selection guide | Plush, building blocks, comfort toys, etc. How do you choose age-appropriate toys?

When shopping for babies, mothers pay great attention to safety, such as choosing complementary foods that are not easy to choke, choosing clothes that do not have formaldehyde, and choosing toys that are too big to swallow. So how to choose toys, let's take a look:

1. Baby born (0 to 6 months)
① Toys that can be grasped

Hand-held rattles, tooth holders, squeezable toys and light-weight puppets and other graspable toys can help babies develop vision and hand-eye coordination. The baby makes the toy sound or changes its appearance through the movements of flapping and grasping, so as to realize the simple cause and effect relationship. Grip toys should be simple in design, and only need to shake and squeeze to produce effects.

② Music transfer
Music to ring

The music turning bells hanging on the crib and changing table can help babies develop their tracking ability, hearing, and soothe their emotions. At the beginning, the height of the bell should not be higher than 30 cm above the baby's eyes (the height will gradually increase as their vision grows), the size of the bell should not be larger than the baby's vision, and it must be ensured that the baby cannot reach the bell To ensure safety. The speed of movement should be moderate, otherwise the baby's vision cannot move with it.

Soothing toys
Comfort toys

Soft, light-weight, simple-designed rag dolls and animal dolls have a soothing effect on small babies. Different from the dolls played by the big baby, for safety reasons, the baby’s hair should be painted or cast with a model, the eyes should not blink, the facial features should be sewn or painted, and the hands and feet cannot be moved or removed. The clothes can't be taken off, anyway, they are one piece, there are no separate parts. The length of the doll is 20 to 30 cm, which is convenient for the baby to grasp. The doll should be washable thoroughly.

2. Older babies (7-12 months)
① Car

A baby who can crawl around will like a car that can be pushed. At this stage, the weight of the car toys that babies play with needs to be lighter so that they can pick them up easily. A car must have no small windows and large wheels to prevent the baby's fingers from getting stuck. Small parts or sharp corners should be avoided. The appearance is flat, simple and strong. The function does not need to be too complicated, and the ability to make a sound when pushing is more popular with babies. The appropriate size is 15-20 cm.

② Bath toys

When the baby at this stage can sit alone without support, bath toys can make the baby spend a happy bath time. Bath toys suitable for such a big baby should be simple floats, boats, ducks and other shapes, bright colors, squeezing can make a sound better. When choosing bath toys, pay attention to the material's safety, non-toxicity and no peculiar smell.

③ Ball

A variety of balls are suitable for babies to develop athletic abilities. Babies who can sit independently like balls that can be grasped. The size of the ball suitable for this age is about 12 cm, light in weight, made of cloth, foam (wrap it well to prevent children from biting and suffocation) or plastic. The surface of the ball should be irregular for easy grasping. Grip, sound effects (built-in bell or pinch will ring) are more popular with babies.

3. Toddlers (13-24 months)
① Simple role playing toys

Role-playing games can inspire children's imagination. In addition to mirrors and dolls, toys suitable for role-playing games for children aged 1 to 2 also include doll tableware, doll cradles, blankets, strollers, toy phones, cleaning supplies, pots and pans and other simulated daily necessities.

② JigsawPuzzle

Jigsaw puzzle games challenge your opponent’s eye coordination skills, so playing with jigsaw toys can bring your baby a sense of accomplishment and give parents the opportunity to strengthen the baby’s sense of accomplishment. The difficulty of the puzzle for the baby should match the baby's ability to deal with frustration. From the first 2 to 3 pieces of circular puzzle, gradually increase the difficulty. The puzzle at this stage should be equipped with a firm round knob for easy grasping by the baby.

③ Graffiti materials

Babies older than 18 months will begin to do unconscious graffiti, which is helpful for the development of symbolism. Parents should provide children with large, washable, non-toxic baby crayons, markers, and large and tough (not easy to tear) paper to encourage their graffiti.

4. Older babies (25~36 months)
① Musical instruments such as xylophone or children's piano

By playing musical instruments such as xylophone or children’s piano, babies can not only experience the more complicated one-to-one correspondence of causality, but also improve their hands-on ability, soothe emotions, promote neurodevelopment, and cultivate expression skills.

② Rideable toys (note that there are no pedals)

After babies can walk steadily, they will want to play with riding toys, but babies between 2.5 and 3 years old hardly step on the pedals. There are no pedals that can be pushed by feet (such as "balance bikes" or "scooters") are more suitable for babies of this age. By learning forward, backward, turning and other skills when riding a bicycle, the baby can strengthen the coordination of the body, the strength of the legs, the ability to control the body, and recognize the direction

5. Elements of Toy Safety
How can I avoid staying away from medical garbage toys? At the same time, mothers are also worried about the safety of baby toys, but in fact, as long as you pay attention to the following points, you can eliminate many junk toys and protect your baby's health to the greatest extent.

① Look for the mark
my country's supervision of children's toys is very strict, especially for some plastic toys, 3C certification is mandatory, so if there is no 3C mark, it means that it is a substandard product, and mothers must not buy it for the baby.

② Rejecting cheap
You still have to buy good things for your baby, and try to buy as little as possible too cheap things. Usually when buying toys, it is best to choose a big brand, or go to the correct maternal and child store, toy store, etc. as far as possible. After all, the probability of buying defective products in these places is relatively low.

③ Don’t smell bad
If the toys smell very strong and strange before they are opened, don't buy them, because these toys are probably made of inferior materials, and some even contain a lot of formaldehyde, which is very harmful to the baby's health.

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