DJI gets the US "exemption"? The investigation results say that no ban will be issued

According to news on August 21, the US International Trade Commission today made the final decision of the 337 investigation against DJI: no ban will be issued.

The Internet also exposed the Moments of Friends released by DJI Public Relations Director Xie Tiandi. He said in Moments, “This incident has caused an uproar in the past. In May of this year, the company’s law firm issued a section 337 investigation and one-sided information that misled many parties into thinking that DJI. Lost the case. The final result of the trial has now come out. Listen to his words and watch his deeds."

Public information shows that the 337 investigation refers to the investigation conducted by the US ITC in accordance with Section 337 of the US Tariff Act of 1930 and related amendments. It prohibits all unfair competition or any unfair trade practices in products exported to the United States. .

On August 30, 2018, the American company Autel Robotics accused Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliates of exporting, importing, or selling drones and components in the United States of infringing its patent rights and requested ITC to initiate 337 Investigate and issue limited exclusion orders and prohibitions.

The three patents claimed by ITC based on Autel (US patent numbers US7979174, US9260184 and US10044013 respectively) began investigations on October 2, 2018.

On March 2, 2020, the Chief Administrative Law Judge (CALJ) Bullock of ITC ruled that DJI did not infringe US7979174 and also ruled that the patent claim of US10044013 was invalid based on various reasons. However, CALJ ruled that some DJI products infringed the US9260184 patent.

On May 22, some media reported that DJI's three patents accused of infringement had all been invalidated by the evening of May 21, Beijing time.

Today, the U.S. International Trade Commission officially made a final decision on the 337 investigation against DJI: no ban will be issued.

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