Fidget Toy Use Cases

Below we will outline some ways that fidget toys can help with various issues. If you have an interesting fidget toy use case, please email us:

Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace
Are you the type of person of suffers from stress and anxiety work? Are constantly moving your legs or clicking a pen? If so, you might be a good candidate for a fidget toy. Fidget devices can occupy your mind and allow you to focus on the task you are trying to complete. Because your stress and anxiety will have an outlet, you should feel more calm and less stressed as your day wears on.

People have been shown to retain information better when they take notes by hand as opposed to typing. Another study found that doodling has also been shown to boost memory and information retention. Doodling and fidgeting can also help most people refrain from daydreaming.

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Adult ADD or ADHD
Those suffering from ADD and ADHD can have a hard time staying focused and committing to completing tasks at work. Sufferers often have problems staying on task which can result in poor performance reviews, missed promotions, and other negative outcomes.

While it’s true that many people are successful when they only do one task at a time, adults with ADHD usually have the opposite effect. By fidgeting with a non-intrusive toy, the ADHD sufferer can apply the right amount of focus to the more important task such as a work or school project.

There is a lot of information around the web that details the success of ADHD sufferers who have begun using fidget spinners. Maybe you should try it too!

For people who suffer from autism, the world can be a very overwhelming place. Children and adults with autism can have sensory overloads that cause stress and fear. People with autism tend to fidget naturally as a coping mechanism so providing them with a device specifically for fidgeting can have some pretty great results.

If the person suffering from autism is fidgeting using their body, it can draw attention from onlookers and possibly make the situation even more uncomfortable. However, the person is using a fidget spinner or other fidget toy, people are less likely to take notice and uncomfortable situations can be avoided.

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