How to choose sexy stockings

Sexy stockings are generally exquisite in patterns and bold in design. The characteristics of tight-fitting, translucent materials, lace trimming, and garter elastic bands can greatly enhance the fun of sex between husband and wife and make them more harmonious.

The sexy stockings that are popular in the market are made of real silk fabrics. The styles are graceful and colorful, the workmanship is exquisite and unique, and they are indeed quite interesting.

sexy stocks

Classification of sexy stockings

   Sexy stockings with rope straps: Super high-style stockings, with ropes on both sides of the waist for tying. This kind of stockings are bold and hot, suitable for women of all shapes. And as long as you untie one of the cords, it's exciting enough.

   Lace sexy stockings: The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic inner beauty. The pubic hair is looming, which is very provocative for the vision. It is also a pleasure to touch directly with your hands.

   Open crotch sexy stockings: This kind of stockings happens to be empty between the two strands. If you wear a mini skirt to go out again, it can be quite daunting. This is a stunning and hot design.

   stockings with open crotch: There is a large opening between the two strands to touch the underwear without hindrance.

   Elastic stockings: Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, that kind of sultry posture, can fascinate sentient beings.

The material of sexy stockings

  Ordinary nylon yarn: The stockings of ordinary nylon yarn belong to the early products. The biggest defect is poor elasticity and low transparency.

  Crystal wire: In order to solve the defects of ordinary nylon wire, crystal wire was created. This material has been greatly improved in transparency, so that the color of the stockings is no longer dull, but the shortcomings of poor elasticity have not been improved, and the hand feel is relatively rough.

   Core-spun yarn: It has high transparency and excellent elasticity. It completely overcomes the shortcomings of nylon yarn and crystal yarn. It has a fine and smooth feel, which is a mainstream product. Generally, the tight weave is the top grade, and the loose weave is relatively poor.

  Velvet: Compared with core-spun silk, velvet has a slightly lower transparency, but has much higher elasticity. Not only does it feel better, it also has a lot of warmth retention.

  Ultra-thin velvet: It is woven with high-tech ultra-fine fiber and fully elastic silk that is softer than hair. It has a dense and delicate texture, silky touch, crystal clear and transparent, and has good air permeability.

How to choose sexy stockings

  A. Choose a good texture

   Sexy stockings are like light and black underwear. Socks made of different textures feel different when worn on the body, and the price varies greatly. Generally speaking, 100% Japanese velvet are high-end stockings, which are smooth, soft and extremely elastic. Whether it is thick or ultra-thin, it is very durable. The stockings made of core-spun silk material are mid-range stockings, which have ultra-high elasticity and are not easy to snag. Ordinary 15D silk stockings, although the tightness and smoothness are not as good as the first two, but the price is affordable, so they are also very popular.

   B. Choose the color

       The tone of  sexy stockings reflects a feminine temperament. Skin color is an eternal color, which can be matched with various fashions; gray is natural and generous, and plain clothes are better. Women with graceful postures may wish to choose high-end electronic jacquard socks, which not only show the fashionable atmosphere, but also better set off the graceful posture. In addition, when women buy stockings, they should also pay attention to the color of the stockings in the packaging bag is darker than when they are worn on the legs. Therefore, when choosing, women should choose silk stockings that are slightly darker than their favorite color.

   C. Look at gloss

  Good sexy stockings, even thick stockings worn in autumn and winter, should be shiny, making the beautiful legs looming and revealing a hazy complexion. Otherwise, the legs will be like wood, stiff and motionless.

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