Sex toys evaluation-entry-level SM toy recommendation

If you can only use your hands in an SM game, you will be completely out. With all the fun tools, you can even use a variety of toys to experience the different levels of SM pleasure at the same time. Extreme.

The eye mask can increase the sensitivity of other organs in the game. It is the natural reaction of the body when the eyes are closed. 

The ball of the mouth is used to restrain the opponent's mouth in the game. When you want to yell comfortably, the ball of the mouth restrains the vocal mouth shape, and the owner obtains an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

In the game, put the collar around your neck and buckle a chain. The opponent kneels on the bed or soft ground, slowly pulling the opponent to move in the room, and the owner conquered your puppy.

To Increase the perception and interest in the game. There are many inscription points on the chest and breasts. A breast clip with the right strength will make the opponent feel crisp and numb with less pain.

The whip is the most important tool of the owner in the SM game. The owner swings the whip and gently hits the opponent's ass and thigh. The pain stimulates the adrenaline of the body, and the owner will also get a huge sense of conquest.

Bundling is another way to play in SM. It completely restrains the opponent's body. Different tricks can be played through a variety of bundling, which requires mutual cooperation.

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