Some toys that cats never get tired of playing

There are so many pet toys on the market now. Parents are also changing tricks to buy toys for their ownerscats, hoping they can also have fun.

From large cat climbing frames, cat villas, to small electric mice, etc., businesses are also racking their brains to design various toys.

But cats always lose interest in these toys  for a while, and in the end they become furnishings for cats to sleep or not to look at.

Combining with most of the parents’ experiences in raising cats, cats’ need for toys is just freshness. What they need more is the owner’s, or your own company, to accompany them. Playing with them is the best.

Parents buy toys for cats because they do not have enough time or energy to play with the cats. In fact, it’s not difficult to set aside 15 minutes a day. Putting down your phone, you can have 15 minutes for a short video.

Some toys that cats never get tired of playing include:

Funny cat stick

Any kind of cat stick can be used as long as it is not electric. Don't always repeat a swinging action. The key is economical and practical, although it is easy to damage.

Laser pointer

Any color laser pointer is ok, cats also like to play, and parents can sit and play with cats. When choosing a laser pointer, it is best for parents to choose a switch-type laser pointer. The finger will hurt if you press it for a long time~


Cats are naturally fond of items such as boxes. Parents can collect boxes for daily delivery or shopping boxes for cats to play. They are not only used for play but also serve as nests~ Or parents with strong hands-on ability can use boxes for cats Make a maze to play~.


Cats are also very interested in objects such as ropes. The key is that the "rope" must be able to move. This requires parents to play with the cat. With a shoelace, the cat can play happily for a long time without getting tired of it. .

Move small objects

Cats prefer chasing games when playing. Parents can use spherical toys to play with cats. Of course, they are not limited to balls. Bottle caps are all available. The premise is also that parents should also get active, because cats are not interested in these toys as soon as they stop.

The above is the summary of my unqualified shit shovel officer. I hope that parents can add any deficiencies.

Finally, if there are any small toys that parents usually like for their cats, you can leave a message to me~

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