Strictly prevent the COVID-19, the 2021 Nuremberg Toy Fair is expected to be held as scheduled

Recently, the Saturn Loop Toys Media Center has learned from Spielwarenmesse eG, the organizer of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, that the preparations for the exhibition are proceeding as usual. , To provide attendees with a safe business negotiation environment and give full play to the due role of the exhibition platform.

Recently, Spielwarenmesse eG, the organizer of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, announced that next year's exhibition will be held on January 27-31 as originally planned on the basis of strengthening epidemic prevention measures.

As the world's leading industry exhibition, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair is the focus of the international industry's attention every year, and it is also an important business platform for international industry friends to find new opportunities and establish new businesses. Affected by the epidemic earlier, offline business activities in the industry have almost stalled. In view of the recent gradual stabilization of the epidemic, in order to play the role of offline exhibitions, the organizers made the above decision. According to the organizer, 90% of exhibitors have reserved booths.

In order to allow industry friends to participate in peace of mind, the exhibition organizer has worked closely with the venue and local health authorities to formulate a corresponding epidemic prevention plan. Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG, the organizer, emphasized: "The health and safety of personnel during the exhibition is our top priority." In the epidemic prevention plan designated by the organizer, remote social interaction, health monitoring and hygiene measures These are the three main principles.

▌ Pavilion: The most obvious adjustment is that the layout of the venue will be adjusted according to the requirements of social distance. The booth channel will be widened, and booth activities and special event areas that are likely to be crowded will be cancelled. At the same time, public facilities such as seats and door handles will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. At the same time, the venue will also be ventilated to ensure that all the air in the venue is renewed several times every hour.

▌Admission control: health monitoring measures are implemented. Only persons with good health can enter the venue. Participants who have been in contact with patients with new coronary pneumonia, have symptoms of respiratory diseases, or have hyperthermia within 14 days will not be released. Exhibitors, buyers, and media must make an online appointment in advance. During activities in the venue, a series of requirements such as 1.5 meters of social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and covering your face when coughing and sneezing are implemented. In addition, if the mask may be removed during the negotiation, the exhibitor must register the contact information of the negotiating customer in the booth for traceability. There is also a medical team on standby at any time.

Before the official opening of the exhibition in January next year, the organizer team will pay close attention to the development of the situation, continuously adjust the plan and communicate closely with the participants, and strive to create a safe and secure business environment for the participants, and play the role of the exhibition platform.

Even due to restrictions on epidemic prevention and control requirements, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair will maintain the same high level of diversified innovative products as in previous years.

Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG, the organizer of the exhibition, believes: “Meticulous health protection measures allow attendees to put aside their doubts and focus on their business. Under the current special circumstances, the exhibition can especially provide The exhibition platform for face-to-face negotiation opportunities and on-site product experience is even more important. Especially for the toy industry, it is an indispensable driving force for the growth of the industry. This is why we must do our best to make the 2021 Nuremberg International Toy Fair (Spielwarenmesse 2021) This year's important industry event will be held, allowing participants to negotiate business with peace of mind, peace of mind and comfort."

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