Toy evaluation: Lego 76084-Funny Thor 3

I have always felt that Thor is responsible for funny~( ̄▽ ̄~)

This set of 76084 is the scene of the battle of Asgard in the movie "Thor 3".

Hela is Odin's first child in the movie, and the well-deserved eldest sister. Before being expelled from the country by my father, I kept squinting, but this time I came back to clean up my younger brother.

Interrupted, Hela fights with Thanos, who will win?

This set was bought apart, pieced together, and it was all together, only a Thor sh409 was replaced with sh412 in 76088.

There is a difference in the cloaks between the two, and there is not much difference in the painting of the arms, the suit, and the helmet.

Very heartwarming wolf 🐺, Asgard wolf

Side profile

Here is Banner's mount

Because the arms and legs are movable, there are two postures of sitting and standing.

The mouth can be opened and closed

Although it is a bit grainy, this is still the most real wolf of this particle number reduction!

Four small claws have thick little pads

Pay attention to your eyes, it's Yeming!

The mouth is open, and I think it should be replaced with a toothed one, even if the mouth is wider, it will be more fierce.

A giant wolf can be a war wolf, a wolf of the Stark family in "Game of Thrones"🐺

~~~Not gorgeous dividing line~~~

The spaceship of the Valkyrie is actually a ring.

The hull is mainly red, black and yellow

There are multiple discs at the bottom, which can slide on the ground

There are cannonballs, the hatch opens LEGO 76084-Funny Thor 3

The effect of simulating flight, this ring should be, thin and sleek, it should have the effect of a stealth bomber LEGO 76084-Funny Thor  3

The mistress of the aircraft, the Valkyrie!

There are 76088 Thor who came here!

The cape of Valkyrie and Thor (in 76084) are half

The sword of Damocles hanging overhead

Including weapons (axes, swords) and platforms!

The corners of this Hela's mouth rose slightly, not very serious. Not like ha 😊

There are two miscellaneous soldiers, and the painting is more conscientious!

Lego 76084—Funny Thor 3 Lego 76084—Funny Thor 3 Lego 76084—Funny Thor 3 Person Control, Collectorism, and Pseudo-cleanliness can only be shown to everyone.

This set of 76084 is relatively high in playability. In Thor 3, Hela's toughness is also a highlight. He squeezes the hammer that his brother is proud of with his bare hands. The hammer actually seems to be her original owner.

The Thor 3 movie is also relaxed and happy, and I feel that with Thor, tragedy can turn into comedy. In "Reunion 4", I went back to see Ma Ma. It was originally such a moving scene, but the fat Thor made it so funny. Hiccup~

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