What is soy fiber quilt? Do you know the advantages of soybean fiber quilt?

What is soy fiber quilt?

Soy protein refers to protein derived from soy or products rich in soy protein. Do you know soy protein fiber? When visiting a home textile brand store, many consumers should have seen a soy fiber quilt. As the name suggests, the soy fiber quilt is a quilt made of soy protein fiber.


Soy protein fiber belongs to the category of regenerated plant protein fiber. It uses squeezed soybean soybean meal as raw material, and uses bioengineering technology to extract the globulin in soybean meal. By adding functional additives, it is combined with nitrile and hydroxyl polymers. Grafting, copolymerization and blending are made into a certain concentration of protein spinning solution, which changes the protein spatial structure and is made by wet spinning.

Soy protein fiber is independently developed by Chinese textile science and technology workers, and has taken the lead in realizing high-tech industrial production in the world. It is also the only fiber invention with complete intellectual property rights obtained by China so far.


What are the advantages of soy protein fiber fabric

1. Soft touch: The fabric woven with soybean protein fiber as raw material feels soft, smooth and light, and has excellent affinity with the skin, just like the second skin of the human body.

2. Moisture and breathability: The moisture and breathability of soybean fiber is far better than that of cotton, which is very dry and comfortable.

3. Luxurious appearance: The soy protein fiber fabric has a silk-like luster, very pleasant, and its drape is also excellent, giving people an elegant and refined feeling.

4. Easy to dye: Soy protein fiber can be dyed with acid dyes and reactive dyes, especially dyed with reactive dyes, the product is bright and shiny, and the fastness to sunlight and perspiration is very good.

5. Health care: Soy protein fiber contains a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, making this unique plant protein fiber have health care functions that other fibers do not have. After the amino acids in soy protein come into contact with the skin, they can activate skin collagen, inhibit skin itching, and revitalize the skin.

Soy protein fiber is known as "healthy and comfortable fiber in the new century".


Cleaning method of soybean fiber quilt

1. Do not use detergents containing biological enzymes. I suggest that you can use silk wool detergent to clean soybean fiber when necessary.

2. Use neutral detergent to soak the soybean fiber for about 30 minutes, so that the detergent can penetrate into every part of the quilt well.

3. It is recommended to wash by hand when cleaning, and gently rub the soybean fiber until the cleanliness is satisfied.

4. Don't twist it by hand when dehydrating. The editor recommends putting the quilt in one place and using a dry towel to gently press out the water, and finally flatten it on the hanger.

5. Avoid direct sunlight and try to choose a windy season.

6. Do not iron at high temperature. The temperature must be controlled at around 1200.

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